Thursday, June 05, 2008

MoDo is a no-go*

Mauren Dowd's writing gets excoriated on the internet enough for me to know not to bother reading her most of the time. However, her latest column is particularly heinous. The Pulitzer Prize-winning writer christened The World's Most Obnoxious Feminist Concern Troll by some of the awesome ladies of Shakesville, needs her own Bingo game. I mostly only read her column when someone else is bashing it, and though I think this makes me pretty familiar with the terms she uses most, I am not the person to make a MoDo Bingo board. However, I do suspect she's gone the Ann M. Martin "select some key phrases, push a button, and out comes a new column/BSC book." I'm just going to list a few of the obnoxious words and phrases she used in yesterday's column, "She's Still Here!" and suggest that someone break her "Op-Ed-O-Matic" before somebody gets seriously injured:
  • "Oh, Bambi" -- directed to Barack Obama. Patronizing much?
  • "...hadn’t met the Clintons." Even a casual observer realizes that MoDo has an unhealthy obsession. She later describes the Clintons and/or the campaign as "rapacious," "self-pitying," "devilish,"** "vociferous"
  • "Barry has been trying to shake off Hillary and pivot for quite a long time now, but she has managed to keep her teeth in his ankle and raise serious doubts about his potency." WTF?!! This is not only a shitty metaphor, but I love the she is able to fit in both basketball and sexual references.
  • "Rampaging feminists" re: Geraldine Ferraro. Fuck you, Maureen Dowd.
  • "henpecked," "emasculate" in reference to Hillary Clinton and the aforementioned rampaging feminists. I hereby declare the word "emasculate" to be one of the STUPIDEST AND MOST OFFENSIVE WORDS EVER. As if gender is something someone can take from someone else. Emasculate is dead to me. Besides, MoDo calling Obama "Bambi" and commenting on his "potency" does far more to *insert word that is dead to me* him than anything Clinton has done.
Anyway, it's a terrible column. She's not funny, or clever, or any good at being anything but a huge jackass. Maureen Dowd continues to suck. And this is why I don't read her column. *This is almost stupid enough to be one of her headlines. **Who is she, Michael Jackson?

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