Monday, June 30, 2008

Work: Do not want. Links: Will post instead.

I have kind of generally ignored Lily Allen except to know that she drinks a lot (a kindred spirit!), but I've kind of been hooked on this song since it came up on my Pandora* Metric station recently: Still behind on blog-readin' since my vacay, but here's some good 'uns I've seen: -Pandagon's fabulous proprietress produces regular columns and podcasts for the inimitable reproductive justice site, RH Reality Check. Her most recent column addresses the fact that pharmacists discriminating against women who are trying to obtain birth control get their BS arguments about "protecting our religious rights" listened to because nobody really cares that much when women get the short end of the stick. I mean, why should ladies get to have teh sex without getting teh babeez? Freedom's Just Another Word for Punishing Women. (Amanda Marcotte at RH Reality Check) -And speaking of teh babeez, once we force women to have them, we shouldn't ever let them out of the house or give them any help whatsoever in caring for them. Because, that's like, against America's Jesusiest values. Jesse at Pandagon highlights how radical anti-family man Barack Obama wants to help provide "early childhood education" and "after-school" programs that would allow mothers (and fathers, I guess, not that they have anything to do with it, and they're probably not around anyway because bitches be sluts who are constantly emasculating their men) more options and flexibility in their work schedules and might be "beneficial" to children or something. Whatevs. READ: The Childcare Boogeyman. (Jesse Taylor at Pandagon) -The amazing Babysitters' Club-loving Kim puts some words to an unspoken resentment of "cool" Stacey and her "New York" fashion. Claudia totally wins any style competition, duh. Choice quote:
I know when I open a Stacey-narrated book that Claudia will not receive the sycophantic attention she so rightly deserves.
I resent Stacey on Claudia's behalf.
This is not mentally healthy, I know.
If you were ever BSC-obsessed, and you have yet to check out the magic, do it NOW: #13: Goodbye, Stacey, Goodbye. (What Claudia Wore) -God I love William K. Wolfrum. He takes on assholes who write dating advice columns that consist of 97% stereotypes and 3% other bullshit. OMG:
"First of all, the most important thing is this - male online dating columnists share an extraordinary amount of traits with douchebags," said Dr. Sven Barrimore. "While this was assumed, we were truly unprepared by just what douchebags these guys really are."
New study shows that male Online Dating Columnists are "huge douchebags". (Wolfrum at Shakesville) *If you're into music at all and you spend any significant amount of time at a computer, Pandora is your best friend. I've found like 472 new artists through it that I really like whose CDs I've compulsively bought off of Amazon just recently.

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