Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brief Energy Drink Review: 24:7 (this one comes with its own colon)

So while perhaps being patronized by the checkout guy at Walgreen's last night (see footnote of post below), I decided I may as well check out their energy drink selection and pick one up for today. They had a NUMBER of flavors for a brand that is new to me: 24:7. I decided that I should go for the original flavor (whatever it's supposed to taste like). And I just drank it. Here's how it fared by my stringent review standards:


TASTE: ***/5 Kind of citrus-ish cough syrup taste. I like it. It's gross/good.

KICK: *** Not bad. Feeling good. Significant enough that I would probably get it again, but I wasn't exactly falling asleep before I started drinking it, either.

GATEWAY DRUG POTENTIAL: **.5 Not swaying me one way or the other particularly.

OVERALL: 2.83/5 asterisks Not bad, not great. I'll try a different flavor next time.

This drink is made by PriLabs Inc., whose website is all black and talks mostly about marketing and shit. It's kind of creeping me out. BTW, if you want a real expert on energy drinks go to the Taurine Rules Energy Drink Reviews blog kept by the Energy Guru and have a ball.

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