Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday: Frigg's Day*

After a long day filled with an extraneous work lunch, the somewhat-unintentional burning of some personal bridges, and what I will admit was a half-assed Presidential post yesterday,** I was so ready to have some fun at our trivia night last night. Anne and I were so pleased that our trivia mentors/heroes, Chuck and Sean came out to play and didn't even berate us for stealing 75% of their format. Also, Anne made people do a relay race physical challenge for bonus points that I must say has been one of the more successful activities we've done. Favorite category of the night: Childhood Diseases. Anne wouldn't let me ask questions about leukemia, though, because apparently she thought that might be triggering for some people. That might be true if I were like, "This kind of cancer kills innocent little kids by attacking their adorable baby blood and bone marrow and they slowly waste away in a hospital bed while their peers enjoy playing outside, going to school with their friends, and not having terminal illnesses." But I totally wasn't going to write it like that. Oh, well. Used mumps instead. But enough about me,*** I've got some good links for this Friday. And none of them are about rape, so hooray! -One of my blogging heroes and comics critic extraordinaire, Joshua Fruhlinger, recently appeared as a contestant on the classic TV game show Jeopardy! I knew he was going to be on, so I ducked out a little early on Tuesday to try and catch some action, but I only got home in time to see the credits, and they kept focusing on the other guy, so I assumed (correctly) that he was the champion. Now Josh has given his many well-wishers an awesome and detailed account of his experience doing the show. A salute to enthusiastic nerdery! Also, he gets extra points for referencing a Weird Al song (see classic video below). I lost on Jeopardy. (The Comics Curmudgeon) -You know, in the past few years, I've become a bit of a Kathy Griffin fan. Maybe it's her "meanness," maybe it's her status as a gay icon, I don't know, but either she's getting funnier, or I'm getting better at appreciating bitchiness. Maybe both. Kathy G recently wrote an ode to Kathy Griffin and praised her for "keeping shit real." Seriously. Nobody knows how to mock the cool kids quite like Kathy Griffin. She's totally invited to sit at the nerdy overachiever/as-of-yet closeted gay boys' table in the lunch room where my friends and I sat.**** Dame of the Day: Kathy Griffin. (The G Spot) -So: Jezebel. I read it. I really do love it. I don't necessarily go there for the hardest-hitting, most in-depth feminist analysis of current events, but I do go there for their smart, sassy smackdowns of pop culture and snarky commentary on whatever they fucking feel like writing about that day. Anyway, a particular post by SadieStein caught my attention, as it was about Facebook. I have a Facebook problem. Obvs. Anyway, check out a funny look at Facebooked: The Art of Choosing a Picture. (Jezebel) Oh, and: X-FILES MOVIE TONIGHT, BITCHEZ! Can't wait. *Frigg, eventually associated with Venus. **Come on, though, did I really need to rehash all the antebellum politics? You guys know what happened, and if you don't, you can come over and read the appropriate chapters in the copy of The American Pageant I keep in my living room. Yes. I do. ***Haha. This is a blog. My blog. There's NEVER enough about me. That's why you read it, isn't it? Come on. ****This is a metaphorical table, because once I hit high school, I stopped eating in the cafeteria, and my friends and I left campus every day as soon as we were allowed to junior year. But you get what I'm saying, right?

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