Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Missives from Home: Douchebags in Vancouver, WA attract national attention

Ah, my hometown.

Pam Spaulding reports on some racist/homophobic, possibly anti-Obama vandalism back in the 'Couv. I could have told you it was full of conservative assholes. When the Mormon kid comes back from only one year of being indoctrinated by liberal arts college professors and realizes she's now one of the most liberal people she knows in town, well, that tells you something. Also, it cracks me up that the Pandagon commenters immediately get confused and think it's Vancouver, Canada. THIS IS AMERICA, PEOPLE. CRAPPY, OVER-DEVELOPED, STRIP MALL-AFTER-STRIP MALL, SUBDIVISIONS FILLING THE SPACE WHERE THE FOREST USED TO BE, SUBURBAN AMERICA. This is where I'm from.


  1. I realized I wasn't a conservative in Mr. Plitt's extremely biased AP US History and honors American Lit classes. He always shot me down when I had something politically moderate to say. And then someone from Columbia Presbyterian would agree with him.

  2. I'm pretty sure I've heard the name "Wastradowski" before...

    And thanks for being bigots, Vancouver!