Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now I'm just doing this to myself

So our subscription to the Pioneer Press ran out, and we're not renewing it because we're all moving away in the next month. This is tragic in part because I was really starting to master the re-run NYT crosswords by doing them every day, and also because now if I want to get pissed off about Pluggers, I have to seek it out. On the internet. And I've done it. Because I am a sick bastard. I'm a masochist and a glutton for punishment. But come ON, you guys? Have you seen Sunday's strip?

Pluggers have discovered that a) there is a gas crisis, but only because of discovery b) inflation exists; and probably solely to piss off cheap, cheap rhino bastards.

If telephones weren't too tech for a Plugger to figure out, I would say Gary Brookins totally phoned this one in. There's not even a real-life Plugger contributor listed. What is happening to you, Pluggers? Why do I care?

Also, I don't see a gas station. What I see is that Sr. Rhino tried to make it home on fumes again and had to pull over in somebody's lawn while he hiked back to the Kum & Go for some gas, picking up some chew while he's at it. Let's hear you whine about "socialized medicine" when you've got mouth cancer, capice?

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