Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I keep (blog) house

So, what with July being my most prolific writing month to date, the sidebar was getting a little crazy with every single post for the month being listed. Now you will have to click on the month and scroll through the actual posts. But if you haven't already read them all, I'm afraid them's the dues you've got to pay to experience the magic. I thought about hiding the labels because there are 1098768 of them, but I decided against it for now. Also, I added a slightly more identifiable picture of myself (in the sunshine! drinking!) and my email can now be found in my profile. If you have things to say, but are afraid of posting them out in the wide-open webernet wilderness, then you can send them to me through the tubes! Unless you're a creep, in which case you are totally not invited to do so.

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