Monday, July 21, 2008

Quote o' the Day & Mini-Movie Review: PCU

Jeff Fecke on the idea that feminists should consult Catholic priests for relationship advice:
Oh, Jesus. Yes, what feminism needs is a man’s perspective on what women need. That’s exactly what feminism is about! That, and looking for awesome shoes. Chicks love shoes.
Well, if we're talking about The SEXY GAY Jesus, then he totally has something to contribute. Also, he knows where to find the best shoes.* FACT: I have way too many shoes. FACT: The Lesbo-Feminist Gestapo lets you keep your Feminist Card if you have more than just a pair of birkenstocks and some combat boots these days. Just don't overdo it, okay? BTW, I saw 1994's cult classic/stoner/college movie PCU over the weekend, and actually quite enjoyed it. There may have been a few mitigating factors. Namely: a) being in a slightly altered state of mind, also b) I am a sucker for the Jeremy Piven, even in his prematurely-balding, obviously-way-too-old-for-college state. But anyway, I quite enjoyed the "PC" stereotypes, what with having gone to a small liberal arts college and all. The Womynists cracked me up, as did the stoner/frisbee kids, the protester kids, but especially the underground fraternity, led by a young David Spade. This role was built for everybody's favorite whiny comedian who looks like he's twelve years old. It is unfortunate that he continued to play this exact same role for the next ten years in everything he's ever been in. But this was perfect for him. Anyway, you should check it out some time. I think the stereotypes poke fun without insulting, which is an important distinction to draw. It's obviously more of a "guys'" movie, but that's kind of how (non-romantic) comedies tend to skew (unfortunately). (Just felt like I should put one more thing in parentheses.) *ANECDOTE: A dear friend of mine who didn't come out to many of us until our senior year of college spent the summer after freshman year selling women's shoes at Nordstrom and claiming that his long-distance significant other was a woman (so not the case). It was ridiculous at the time, and even funnier in retrospect. But damn, was he good at selling shoes!

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