Monday, July 21, 2008


You may say, "Lauren, your blog has not been around for 200 years. But after reading post after post about energy drinks, it kind of feels like it."

"Don't be silly!" I would reply. "I just mean it's my 200th post! Hooray!"

We recently wrote a trivia question asking why there are no quarters dated 1975. It's 'cause of the bicentennial, bitchez! Special edition coins! Coin collectors of the universe unite! I don't know why I keep writing exclamations! I think I'll stop now!

So I've been seriously at this shit for about six months, and I'm totally hooked. Though my overpaid desk job will be ending next week, I hope to continue to blog regularly as a grad student/general layabout. Though I will not be making mad cash to fuck around on the internet, my love for all things online has saved my soul from completely crumbling inside my seafoam green cubicle. This is something I will not soon forget. But so even though I didn't quite know what I was going to write about when I really started getting into blogging, I am pretty pleased with what has evolved.

So, my dear, kind readers! What say you? How's it going on your end? What do you like? What do you hate? How many more energy drink reviews or presidential posts do you need to be truly satisfied by my blog content? Comments, suggestions, rave reviews, general congratulations, etc. welcome. Seriously though, could at least one person comment? (Sister, this responsibility may fall to you.) Because I kind of feel like a douchebag when I'm like, "Talk about it in the comments!" And then the comments say, "..... (crickets chirping) ....." Google Analytics tells me that on weekdays around twenty people generally read my blog, so I know you exist. Help me drown out the crickets, and keep reading! More magic to come.


  1. Hooray Lauren! I dig the blog, cause it's kind of like talking to you. More guest limmerick posts plz!

  2. You write 'em, I'll post 'em.

  3. Hey! I'm not the only one to comment! I like the prez posts. I hate Pluggers, even thinking about them, or knowing you think about them. I don't drink energy drinks, or much of anything except water or milk, so I don't really pay attention to those...although I always skim. Always.