Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to basics: Still hating on Pluggers

Despite my recent worries about the status of America's Worst Comic™, and to everyone's great relief, Pluggers still seems to be going strong. The last two days have brought me particular disgust/joy. I will submit to you the caption from Sunday's comic, without the illustration, so you can see why:
Plugger water sports aren't in the Olympics.
I'm sorry I just did that to you, readers. No one needs those kinds of mental images. But I'm kind of sadist, so I'm not really that sorry. Misery loves company, my friends. And then, to continue documenting Gary Brookins' not-so-subtle endorsement of substance abuse, today's edition:

We all know Pluggers are too cheap and anti-elitist for any of that real, New Age-y, namby pamby aromatherapy shit. It's clear what we're really talking about here: socially acceptable gateway drugs. Next thing you know, "Little Plugger" and her little pals are gathered in your blue-collar garage while you're off playing "water sports" or cleaning your gun or buying cheap plastic crap on sale, huffing anything she can get her hands on. "Just a little aromatherapy, Ma and Pa. Helps me forget that I am a freakish dog-girl destined to a life of unceasing misery and degradation. Just like you. Whoa, I'm kinda dizzy."

More Plugger drug use: here, here, and here.

UPDATE: Josh had the same thought I did about Gary Brookins' latest blatant drug reference. If I weren't on so many prescription anti-depressants myself, the constant parade of Plugger substance abuse would really be bringing me down.

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