Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Welcome to the Land of Linkin'

Yes, those are Abraham Lincoln lollipops. I bet they taste like freedom!

I've got a big batch of 'em, so I'll try and just pick a few faves for the masses. First, a few apropos the recent holiday:

-My pal Josh was apparently perturbed at my tendency to just sit around on the porch and let other people (usually guys) do all the grilling.* Listen, I like eating meat if other people make it, but I am really fucking lazy and prefer to spend my holidays sitting around and drinking. And yes, I do enjoy baking. Because I would pretty much always rather have a delicious cookie than a hamburger. Well, I'd pretty much rather have a delicious cookie than anything else. And I make damn delicious cookies. Which is why Ka$h is always worried about me getting scurvy. Not scurvy, my friend, just $1000 worth of fillings. Anyway, Josh muses on the cooking world's most pronounced gender divide. Girls don't grill, boys don't bake. (Embrace Your Inner Nerd)

-Pogie (a former mentor of our old friend The Pretentious Ex-Boyfriend) writes a lovely post on how liberals express their patriotism, even if they don't love Toby Keith. Choice quote: "Liberal criticism of our nation’s policies is often mistaken or mischaracterized by the Right as hatred of America, or a desire to leave. Nothing could be further from the truth." Makes me want to go home and watch some West Wing. Liberals Love the United States Too. (Intelligent Discontent)

More gender ranting:

Lame-o conservative columnist Kathleen Parker (will not link) confuses concern for the over-sexualization of children (legit) with victim-blaming (so not). Two of my favorite bloggers respond accordingly:

-Jeff Fecke. Choice quote:
“Can I touch you?”



Really, what’s hard to understand about that?
Extra points for the title: Begone, Wanton Trollops! (Blog of the Moderate Left, Shakesville)

-Amanda Marcotte. Choice quote:
What’s the sound of two strawmen mating? Probably the sound of them leaping up and singing in unison “If I Only Had Anatomically Correct Bits Under These Raggedy Pants”.
That tune's going to hit number one on the charts, you'll see! Save the stupid, cruel males. (Pandagon)

And just one more for now:

-I knew I was doing the right thing when I decided to stick with my regular health coverage, eschewing that complicated (and kinda pricey-sounding) health savings account bullshit. Ezra's got my back on that one: it costs more for the ladies. Why do health insurers hate women? (Ezra Klein at the American Prospect)

*Thanks for stepping up on the 4th, Scott! I was afraid I might have to actually touch the grill, possibly causing me to cut down on my alcohol consumption.

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