Thursday, August 07, 2008

Deconstructing the decorative booze bottles

The time in our fabulous St. Paul duplex is drawing quickly to a close. I myself will be out of the country/already moved away for much of the remaining time on our lease, and of course this is a great tragedy. I packed a few boxes of books today. You know, pretending to make progress on that front. Got out my luggage like I was going to start packing away all my winter sweaters or something. Didn't do it. Not a lot of motivation. Shock, shock. Anyway, we started taking down all the classy booze bottles we had put on top of our cabinets for decoration, and it was a bit of a sad affair. On Ka$h's insistence I took pictures, and I will reproduce them here for the benefit of the internets. It's a bit like a yearbook of our debaucherous times here in the Selby-Dale neighborhood: it doesn't include anywhere close to the actual amounts of alcohol consumed, but it captures some of the highlights, the flashiest, most expensive bottles. Much like high school yearbooks are full of those goddamn overly tanned cool kids and all their rich friends.* Anyway, our alcoholic highlights from September 2006-August 2008:
L to R: Red Breast, Alize, Crown Royal, Stoli Strasberi, Vandermint, Kahlua, Shakers, Tanqeray, 1800, Absolut Currant (meh), Evan Williams, Godiva White Chocolate, Bailey's Mint Chocolate, sangria of some kind, Dalmore Cigar Malt, Cointreau, Johnnie Walker Green Label, Moskovskaya.
Ketel One Citroen (candy), Godiva, Grey Goose (overrated), Midori, Don Eduardo, Hendricks, Sauza Hornitos, Tanqueray Rangpur (double candy), Woodford Reserve, Ketel One, Jameson
Chambord, Effen Vodka (meh), Svedka, Reyka (OMG yum), Patron Citronage, Absolut Pear, Maker's Mark (yumyum)
Just a tribute to all the memories lost to the magic elixir. Good times were had by all. And god, I don't know when I'll ever be able to afford so much awesome booze ever again.
*I am on the choir page. Only.

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