Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How does a jobless person have so much to do?

Chicago & me, just chillin'.

I had a very relaxing weekend in the big city, thank you very much. Well, except for that part on Sunday night where we tried to meet up with a friend and had a navigational mishap that put us smack in the middle of the very end of Lollapalooza in downtown with a car. At one point we were on foot and walking against the crowd of thousands of drunk music fans when I asked my companions if they had seen Cloverfield.* Luckily, neither of them had, because they were both kind of about to snap in their own ways. That's what it made me think of. But without the monster.

Hopefully I'll be getting to some blogging between this week's preparations for Scandinavia, moving, and our final trivia night. But I am now unemployed, so hooray!

*Which was awesome, BTW.