Friday, August 22, 2008

More blogging postponement

I know everybody's been waiting on pins and needles for Scandinavia Recap Part #3: Stockholm, but I've been packing to move and now I'm going. In the morning. Like, I should be up getting ready to leave in six hours. OMFG. Had a bit of a meltdown earlier tonight realizing that it's really happening now and I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite people. As much as I HATE HATE HATE the winter here, St. Paul and I have had a good six-year run. There are a number of irreplaceably amazing friends who I will miss dearly. So anyway, hopefully my drive to Bowling Green in a U-Haul will be uneventful. I'm picking up a Certain Someone Who Has Requested to Never Be Mentioned on This Blog (CSWHRNBMTB) in Chicago, so I will have some help for the last 37% of the drive or so and when I get to my destination. Anyway, should be an adventure. Stockholm and various random updates will arrive ASAP. Thanks for still reading, friends! August has been a little bit crazy, but things should be settling down a bit soon. Love and the Godiva with milk on the rocks I just had, Lauren

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