Sunday, August 24, 2008

Unpacking--and not in the liberal arts "problematizing" sort of way

Got to Ohio. Things went remarkably smoothly and A Certain Someone Who Has Requested to Never Be Mentioned on This Blog was a huge, huge help in the moving; including but not limited to a strategic over-the-porch railing angling the couch into my front door maneuver. But I have a house! And have tapped into some internet, so hooray! I get to check in with my department and the department I'll be working in tomorrow, as well as attending my first class, which is exciting. I hope to be back on the internets in full force later this week once I can start to see my floor a little better. Here I am! With my own place. In Ohio. OMFG.


  1. omfg indeed. neely and i spoke the other night and realized that Ohio is directly inbetween dc and minnesota, so we should someday meet up and have a drunkxfilestastic weekend. yes? yes.

  2. I just moved too! And I will finally have internet today! Good luck in the Ohio.