Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ace Energy: Taurine buzz + recycled '40s pin-up imagery

So another of the discount energy drinks I procured during the recent trip to Big Lots! was an Ace Energy Drink. Apparently Ace uses WWII-era pin-up ladies and warplane imagery to get across their mission (according to the website):
For individuals who value their own unique personality. Ace Energy originates upon American tradition, but thrives on today’s custom culture lifestyles, Inspiring you to be an ACE in whatever it is you do. To those who appreciate American music, custom cars & choppers, or a day’s hard work, Ace Energy delivers effective endurance for finishing the job. A nostalgic imaged can encourages a unique lifestyle. Whether you are a soldier or a civilian, life demands energy.
That definitely describes me. Well, I picked out the energy + juice (10 whole %!) kind and utilized it while writing a mediocre response paper the other night. Review time! ACE ENERGY + JUICE TASTE: 2.5/5 asterisks It promises "juice," but tastes mostly like any old fruity carbonated energy drink. Definitely drinkable, but nothing special. EFFECTIVENESS: **** It had me relatively motivated about my summarizing duties and kept me alert late into the evening/writing project. MAKES ME WANT TO DO HARDER DRUGS: *** Little bit of hyperness and shakiness = the constant desire for more. OVERALL: 3.2 asterisks rounded up to 3.5 for the re-appropriation of sexy classic pin-ups.

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