Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Homesick for Saint Paul but not for tear gas

I'm still kind of disconnected from the news what with having had a five-day weekend full of drunken shenanigans and now lots and lots of Marx to read, but My One Friend (New BFF K) has cable and we caught the Daily Show tonight and I saw that the RNC decided not to dance on the graves of the victims of Gustav. So, you know, that's something. Also Facebook showed me that a number of my friends participated in some St. Paul protesting, and no one appears to have been arrested. However, I know some crazy authoritarian shit has been going down in the Cities, and it's fucking scary. Zachary found some video from inside the action. I will do my utmost to surface from my debauchery interspersed with book-readin' and do some real blogging soon.

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