Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yeah, I'm TOTALLY reading my Lukacs right now

Young Georg tries on the mustache for size. And is all slouch-y. So for my (admittedly awesome) communications class on cultural Marxism, we're reading a big ol' chunk of History and Class Consciousness. Large swaths of this work are completely incomprehensible, despite appearing to have been translated into English from the German or the Hungarian or whatever it was originally written in. But I can feel my smarts growing. You too can watch them growing by reading all my really good sentences. Anyway, a few tidbits to share: -The train just went by (it's maybe a half-mile away) and it is serious about constant whistle-blowing. Apparently drunk college kids wander onto the tracks sometimes and get hit. -I saw a nurse practitioner at the student health center last week, and I'm not going to lie, she was a little bit judge-y. I mean, she works at a university, I don't see where she gets off. Just because she happened to have encountered me at the tail end of Lauren's Ridiculous/Awesome Summer of Promiscuity™ and I didn't feel like counting up an exact number in front of her right then and there doesn't mean she can give me shit about "taking risks." This is why the Sexy Gay Jesus invented condoms. We've been over it.* I think it was a little over the line for her to tell me when I left that she was glad I was in a relationship now instead of "trying to get in one." Trying to get in one? How about, "enjoying being single"? or "I knew I was moving"? or "mind your own goddamn business"? Fuck you, judgmental health center lady. I bet she was disappointed to find out that I didn't have chlamydia OR gonorrhea.** -Only a couple people came to my CSI: Miami season premiere/birthday bash the other night, but Caruso did not let me down. Unlike everyone I know here in town who apparently had "homework" or "a family," an "illness" or "somewhere to be on Tuesday morning." Whatevs. Thrift Store Champion and a couple other diehards made it awesome. Although, take note: do not ever make a "Miami Punch" that involves three bottles of Cold Duck (Annn-dre) per batch. It is gross and will make everyone feel ill. Especially when they eat 2958798 lbs. of Doritos/cookies/pretzels/cake because only four people are at the party and they might as well go at it. Ah, birthdays. *Although she did tell me that condoms with spermicide on them don't do much besides irritate vaginas. So guys, quit buying that shit, it doesn't help; it only hinders. **She also kept asking me if I wanted to take a pregnancy test.

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