Monday, October 06, 2008

Mavericks, all of 'em

(Background: discussing online teaching training)

Thrift Store Champion: I just had to watch a four minute video about it as part of this training.

Ones on blogs and Google docs are up next.

Sent at 2:52 PM on Monday

me: what are those? are they on the interwebs?

Thrift Store Champion: Wait, interwebs?

There's no video on that.

Maybe you can explain the blog thing to me.

Sent at 2:55 PM on Monday

me: One of my fave blogs lets "John McCain" guest-blog occasionally-- here is a prime magical example:

Sent at 2:57 PM on Monday

Thrift Store Champion: AWESOME.

The video wasn't lying when it said that blogs democratize the media.

Sent at 2:59 PM on Monday

me: if somebody made a video about it, it must be true

it's like tv that way

Thrift Store Champion: Plus, it was a YouTube video.

Oddly enough, though, there's no video about YouTube in this tutorial.


Sent at 3:02 PM on Monday

me: well, I think John mccain would remind you that if you're going to go tubing, you should always wear a life jacket

Thrift Store Champion: Sage advice.

Mavericky, even.

It's that kind of thinking that's going to shake up Washington.

me: with a team of mavericks

Thrift Store Champion: Mavericks always travel in packs.

Like wolves, except it's much harder to shoot them from helicopters.

And/or planes.

me: moving in packs is pretty much part of the definition of "maverick"

very team-oriented

Thrift Store Champion: I really, really hope that they have matching embroidered jackets.

I want one that says "Hose Hotrod"* on the chest.

Sent at 3:07 PM on Monday

me: I'm totally putting part of our chat on my blog

names have been changed to protect the innocent

Thrift Store Champion: That's perfectly fine with me.

I can't believe I'm going from watching a video about blogs to being part of one!

What a wonderful age we live in! I think John McCain would agree if he could figure out what the hell we were talking about.

*See Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. Mine is "Duct Idaho Palin."

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  1. Hmmm...I would have been Fire Patriot Palin. I could have been a pyro-maverick with a name like that.