Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ed Begley, Jr. continues his quest to top Bill Nye's awesomeness*

A while back, my BTVFF Ka$h emailed to inform me that apparently Ed Begley, Jr. is now selling his own environmentally-friendly cleaner. Here, much like yesterday's laziness of copying and pasting a gchat as a blog post, I will directly quote Ka$h from her email:
Ed Begley Jr. has his own brand of eco-friendly cleaning products called "Begley's Best"! The bottles have a large picture of his face on them!! I almost bought one to send to you when I saw it at Rainbow but the picture was creeping me out too much, so you should look it up on the internet. I think he is blatantly ripping off Paul Newman, but I guess Paul Newman hasn't gotten into eco-friendly cleaners yet.
Hey, RIP Paul Newman. Your salad dressings are delicious. *Previous discussion of their nerdily adorable earth-saving competition.

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