Monday, October 27, 2008

OMFG Sarah Palin at BGSU

So--Thrift Store Champion has acquired Sarah Palin College Republican rally tickets for Wednesday morning. I am going to be in the same basketball arena as Mrs. Jr. McMaverick! We have two more tickets if anybody wants to come. Please give suggestions for subversive t-shirts in the comments. We will be puff-painting tomorrow night in anticipation for the magic and building up the fog of hangover that will be necessary to get through her speech. !!!


  1. OMG. I don't know whether to be jealous of you or pity you. I think your shirt should be "Sexy Gay Jesus for McCain". Also, did you hear about the guy who was expelled from BYU for making a shirtless-Mormons-on-mission-trips fundraising calendar?

  2. drinking game! drinking game!

    how about a Joe the Plumber style shirt? "I'm LAUREN the GRAD STUDENT IN CULTURAL STUDIES, don't tax my income!"

    or "White Americans For McCain/Palin?"

    i will sit by my computer, impatiently refreshing your blog for updates.

  3. more horrifying news from MN that i had to share with you: the star tribune was interviewing people about who they were going to vote for, and one 20-something woman said "i was raised ARYAN, so i would never vote for someone who isn't white". raised aryan?!? are her parents neo-nazis? she'll probably move to austria or one of those other european countries that are trying to elect super right-wing governments if obama wins.