Monday, October 27, 2008

Hard Times for Plugger Addicts*

Besides the fact that this is totally recycled material, it's just the latest installment in the Plugger drug addiction series. I'm beginning to think that perhaps Gary Brookins is being extorted by the pharmaceutical industry. Is it blackmail? Is it just for sweet vicodin and oxy hookups? But despite his better-than-average connections, GB is a Plugger after all, and this recent economic downturn is just the opportunity for bitching these people/giant man-animal hybrid freaks have been waiting for: Listen, Papa Bear, the kids knows what the money is for. He's not stupid. Not only is he completely unconcerned about the desperate lengths you'll go to for your next fix, he's looking at this recession as the perfect opportunity to force your broke, strung-out ass to become completely reliant on him. He'll make a killing. Between that and selling faux bomb-making instructions to gullible assholes on the internet, you'll probably be paying out your nose on a second mortgage to him in a couple years. He'll let you and Ma Bear stay in the basement if you promise to use the back door from now on. More on Pluggers and drugs here, here, here, and here. *That would be Pluggers with addictions, not people who are addicted to the comic. That is too sad to even fathom.

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