Friday, October 24, 2008

Mormons and the Gays Part 1: Why you gotta be hatahs?

Listen, Mormons: Have we or have we not been over this before? Hating on the gays is so not cool. I know you think homosexuality is, like, against god's plan or whatever, but I have a hard time believing that if god is who everybody says he is,* that anyone could be born in a way that violates his plans. (Anyone who claims homosexuality is a "choice" is stuck in pre-1990s-era homophobia--update your arguments, people!) Maybe god makes some people gay as their big "challenge" in life. Some people have to overcome physical or economic hardship, some people have to go on missions to Idaho, and some people have to deal with a basically sinful nature** and must be celibate and alone forever. And even if they do that, they totally don't get to the top tier of the Celestial Wedding Cake or whatever unless they get polygamized to somebody in the afterlife (and that's only if they are lesbian ladies; gay men are apparently screwed. Or something. I don't care to research it.). Despite the church being Ye Olde Institution of Heteronormativity (and Jesus (and Cookies)), gay members exist. Obvs. And unfortunately, they have been just as brainwashed as the rest of us were and often choose to try and fit in (at least for a time). If you don't know about the horrifying electroshock aversion therapy for gays at BYU in the '70s (and possibly up through the '90s), you need to look into it. That shit is fucked up. I realize that homosexuality was only then beginning to be considered anything besides deviance by the broader medical community, but seriously? Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the people who were willing to undergo the "treatment." Indoctrination is a very, very strong force. And when you're Mormon, the church seeps into every single aspect of your life. This is on purpose. It makes you feel like if you leave it, you'll have nothing left of yourself. Fuck that shit. Highly recommended is the documentary Anyone and Everyone that interviews a bunch of families about what it was like to have a child come out. It prominently features a well-to-do Mormon family who took it in stride and though they're still members, are willing to call bullshit on the church's view of their son's sexuality. Anyway, Mormons, you don't do anybody any favors by continuing to toe the party line on this one. If enough people in the church start to protest, I'm sure some sort of "clarifying" revelation will be forthcoming. Just you wait. I'd like to think so, anyway. I myself gave up on the whole thing, but there are people who are still in your wards who are gay and are trying to hide it or change it or are resigned to a totally un-sexy, lonely life. I do not approve. Not so much love, Lauren & a bunch of totally Word of Wisdom-violating beverages COMING SOON: Part 2: In which I (once again) chastise the church for sticking its homobigoted nose into California's political business. *An old, conservative white man. OMFG John McCain is the Christian god! I'm quitting life. **Violating the 2nd Article of Faith much?


  1. All the Prop 8 stuff makes me a little...anxious. When some girl in one of my classes stated that she wanted a Prop 8 shirt, I wanted to cry. I love the Church, and on some (small) level it does try to reach out to the LGBT community, but it makes me sad when members are so staunchly anti-homosexuality. We talked a lot about this in my psych of gender class, but trying to reconcile same-sex attraction and the Church is close to impossible.

  2. Lauren, thanks for this. I knew the church was messed up, but this is on a much grander scale than I realised.