Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Energy Drink Review: BOMBA Berry

Oh, dear friends, I know my once-ubiquitous energy drink reviews have slowed to a tragic halt, but do not fear. My energy drink consumption is as healthy as ever (though not every day like when I had a real job). See, the problem is that I drink them when I actually need to get shit done, like write papers or do a bunch of reading without falling asleep or be alert for night class or prepare for an awesome presentation on the Cold War. So the energy drinks work, see? And I get my shit done. But in the meantime, I cannot be distracted by blogging. And I like to review while in the zone of the actual drinking experience. ANYWAY: Big Lots! carries these Austrian energy drinks called BOMBA (Warning: NSFW nakedy naked folks on the website for some reason). They are brightly colored and come in little glass grenade-shaped bottles. They are kind of awesome, just for aesthetic reasons. Anyway, I don't know that I need a whole 16-oz. regular energy drink right now, since I'd like to get a few hours of sleep before leaving excessively early in the morning to drive to MPLS (!), but I do need to have enough energy to get through three and half hours of postmodernist discussion. So, Thrift Store Champion got me a couple BOMBAs, and I decided to pull the pin/cap on the "berry" flavor. It is neon blue. BOMBA berry energy 1. Taste: 2.5/5 asterisks. The bottle says it is a "dietary supplement with taurine, caffeine & sparkling spring water." The flavor isn't really that strong, I think largely because of the sparkling water, of which I am generally not a fan. It tastes vaguely of some "berry"-type koolaid or something. Easy to drink, but certainly not delicious or very memorable. 2. Delivers on promises: ** From the website: BLUEenergy – blue and cool like the eternal ice, energises and revives the organism. I don't know about any "eternal ice," but I may just be impervious to only 8.4 oz of energy drink. I drank this while cooking/with dinner, so that may have mitigated some of the effects, but this organism doesn't feel that revived. 3. Makes me want to do speed: * Not really. Damn. OVERALL: 1.83/5 asterisks! Meh.

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