Sunday, November 30, 2008

Totally Researching and Writing My Final Papers Right Now

Hey kids! Did you have a fine holiday? I did! My Minneapolitan Pal N took a road trip down to see me and we had a glorious time, filled with excessive (if there is such a thing) X-Files marathoning, overeating, and various drunken shenaniganry. While she was here, she exposed me to the awesomeness that is this video: "It's called Speed Stick, it's not expensive." Also, the animation totally makes me feel like I'm watching the awesomest episode of this show ever: Oh, Dexter. "Omelette du fromage"--that probably was the awesomest episode, actually, but I couldn't find a good clip. However! Some guy wrote an instrumental rock song to it, check it out. God I love the internet sometimes. -In other worlds, Amanda tells dudes, "Don't be That Guy." Seriously. Don't. Nobody benefits from your creepery; not even you. (Pandagon) -Via Crooks and Liars, is GWB drinking again? What happens in Peru doesn't stay there, especially when you're surrounded by news cameras. Libby Spencer at The Reaction encourages us all to check out pictures of Bush at the Olympics this summer. Seriously, Google Image Search that shit. It's ridic.


  1. Oh my god! I love that song. It was totally my myspace profile song for a long time until the dude took it down. I didn't even know there was a video. Which is also awesome. Wow. Buy some land.

  2. Dexter's lab. Best cartoon ever? And Omelette du fromage? love love.