Wednesday, December 03, 2008

RAMEN: I can't stop eating it; AL FRANKEN: I can't stop loving him

I've always been a fan of the instant ramen noodles. I like the chicken flavor (orange package). I cook the noodles with the flavor in the water, then drain it all and put butter on the noodles. This is unequivocally delicious. I cannot stop with the ramen lately. Every time I eat it, my stomach and my soul are filled with warm, buttery joy. Thrift Store Champion is making me some right now. Because he's nice. And I'm lazy. And blogging. Anyway, apparently Al Franken has yet to kick Norm Coleman's douchey ass out of the Senate. Talks of "mystery ballots" abound. I am beginning to lose hope. I never should have registered to vote in Ohio. Apparently Al really needed me. (Star Tribune) Haven't chosen a history topic yet for this week, feel free to leave suggestions!


  1. I have a suggestion: add my to your blog roll, biotch!

    Then, write about Rutherford B Hayes

  2. Two words: Crazy Horse.

  3. Ramen was definitely a staple of our sleepovers at my dad's house. It's a good thing he bought those 92-packs at COSTCO. Still a delicious choice for me whenever I go home.