Monday, December 29, 2008

Back in Ohio, Lounging on My Own Couch

My parents have an awesome couch. Mine is somewhat inferior, but it was the cheapest full-length one I could find at Ikea this summer. It only comes in brown. But it actually looks kinda purple. And I'm on it. Annnyway, thought I should post to prove that I am still alive (somewhat). Got some history posts coming up that should be sweet. I have a light cold that I am choosing to blame the man in shorts that sat across from us in the airport, paperback novel in one hand and using the other to NOT COVER HIS MOUTH WHILE HE COUGHED EVERYWHERE. It was awesome. He gave me TB. Or SARS. Or whatever. In a tragic turn of events, the GUVMENT is butting into my personal business once again. Yes, it is true, they have forced MillerCoors to stop making Sparks. FUCKERS. I like the alcohol/caffeine combo. I like feeling like my beverage will give me cancer. Assholes. They're going to "reformulate" that shit sans caffeine. Websiteunder construction. In the meantime, Thrift Store Champion and I are hoarding four-packs. we have about ten right now.

1 comment:

  1. Dude, you might have to resort to Irish Coffee or Rum and Coke or some crap like that to get the vital alcohol/caffeine combo.
    none of those sounds very good.