Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 History Round-Up

It's the end of the year, everybody! I thought instead of producing new content, which would take, like, work and stuff, I'd gather up all my history posts from this year into one little post. Sometimes I rant about politics or feminism and weird youtube videos blahblahblah, but we all know you come here to read my history posts of awesome awesomeness. So here they are, for your (and my) convenience and so you can see all of this year's written achievements: PRESIDENTS 2 & 3. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson & Adams: America's First Frenemies? (04/24/08) 8. Martin Van Buren. Martin Van Buren: He had a lot more nicknames than terms of office. (04/17/08) 10. John Tyler. The Ascendency of John Tyler: A Possible Unconstitutional Coup!. (11/06/08) 11. James K. Polk. James K. Polk: Our nation's first (and greatest) mulleted president. (03/27/08) 14. Franklin Pierce. Drunk Franklin "Baby" Pierce, Helping Sectional Divides Right Along. (11/20/08) 15. James Buchanan. James "Doughface" Buchanan: Crappy President. (07/24/08) 18. Ulysses S. Grant. Ulysses S. Grant: America's Greekest General-President. (06/12/08) 21. Chester A. Arthur. Chester A. Arthur: Possibly Secretly Canadian-Born President of Civil Service Reform. (09/25/08) 23. Benjamin Harrison. Benjamin Harrison: Kinda Like Jenna Bush. (05/22/08) 25. William McKinley. McKinley: America's Most Spineless Veteran President. (09/18/08) 26. Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt: America's Most Cartoonish President to Date. (04/03/08) 29. Warren G. Harding. Warren G. Harding: Tragically being stripped of his "Worst President Ever" title by the current administration. (04/10/08) 30. Calvin Coolidge. Calvin Coolidge: Coolly avoiding blame for the Great Depression. (06/26/08) 32. Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR: You think you know, and you probably do know some of it. (10/09/08) 38. Gerald Ford. Gerald Ford: Unelected Jock President. (05/08/08) 41. George H.W. Bush. Read my lips: no second term for you, buster. (10/23/08) OTHER HISTORY! AND HISTORICAL FIGURES! The Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation: America's first, failed government & pre-Washington presidency. (07/10/08) Carpetbaggers. "Go home, Yankee scum. BTW, nice luggage." (10/17/08) Emperor Norton I. Norton I: Did You Know America Had an Emperor? (05/29/08) Food Stamps. Now Crowned a Welfare Queen, I Give You: Food Stamps in America, A Primer. (12/04/08) Guam. Exploring the American Empire: WTF is with Guam? (05/02/08) Hannibal Hamlin. Hannibal Hamlin: Lincoln's un-famous first VP. (06/05/08) Henry A. Wallace. Our Almost 33rd-President: Communist Chicken-Breeder Henry A. Wallace. (07/31/08) John C. Calhoun. John C. Calhoun: Hey thanks for the Civil War, buddy! (05/15/08) Mormon Pioneers. Happy Pioneer Day! (07/24/08) Patriotic Symbols. IM IN UR PATRIOTIC SYMBOLZ, RUINING ALL THE FUN. (07/17/08) Prohibition. I can has vlog! About prohibition! (12/05/08) The Secret Service. Belatedly-Posted Secret Service Vlog. (12/21/08) Squanto. Squanto: Remembered for Shirtlessness and Fertilizer. (11/28/08) The Vice Presidency. America's Number 2: Not worth a warm bucket of piss!. (10/02/08)

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  1. all fine and well, but where's the break down of historical limerick posts??