Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Love has enemies." Who knew?

Via Bitch Ph.D., I have discovered the world's next amazing rock superstar: Chris Dane Owens.
I've never seen anyone less self-aware than this guy.
This man has a green sparkly guitar, and on his new album, "Pop melodies mingle with massive electric guitars, driving beats, and the gleam of techno-wizardry." I wonder if that's something you can major in at Hogwarts. Anyway, Chris Dane Owens has one of the most epic music videos I've ever seen, directed by an Academy Award-winning special effects guy. Seriously, go watch it. It will change your life.


  1. That was the most incredible thing I've seen in a while. Thank you. Also, was anyone else horrified at the prospect of him kissing a woman with those flowing manlocks and mustache?

  2. Holy crap that was elaborate! And delightfully awful. How did I manage to miss that on Bitch PhD?

  3. Especially because his mustache is completely the wrong color and obviously totally drawn on. But what an amazing man. What an amazing world that produces such things. And I thank the Sexy Gay Jesus for the internet which brings such things to me.

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