Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sagwa the Awesome Chinese Siamese Cat Cartoon

Mr. Thrift Store Champion and I have recently become intrigued by the PBS cartoon, Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat.* I try to avoid being up before 1:00 p.m., but a few times I've had to be this break and caught this odd, odd show. The two of us have pretty much come to a consensus that we should probably start being obsessed with it. Sagwa and her kitten siblings are always getting into scrapes that teach them important lessons. Sagwa herself can write beautiful calligraphy with her tail and for some reason always wears a bib. Fabulously, all old men cats have funny kitty cat facial hair on this show. Luckily, you can find the whole backstory on the 'Pedia. Sadly, they only made forty episodes and there are no new ones, but there is quite a large selection of clips on the YouTubes. Hooray! Random sampling from an episode entitled "Stinky Tofu": I know you've been sucked in, you can find the first part here. Sagwaaaaa! *Does she have dual citizenship, I wonder?


  1. My kids really enjoyed Sagwa. Let's hear it for sleeve dogs!

  2. Woah! I used to LOVE this show when I was younger! =) Me & my boyfriend's sister-in-law were actually talking about this show. We couldn't remember the name of it for the life of us lol. Anywayz, I'm glad I found this! =D

  3. Man this use to be my favorite cartoo. And it still is but it don't come on no more. Lol!