Thursday, January 08, 2009

Special Presidential Double Feature: I Go to the Hayes Presidential Center

Me and the man himself.
Kids! I spent Tuesday afternoon at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center. Located on the family estate, Spiegel Grove in Fremont, Ohio, this was the first presidential library. Isaac and I drove out and checked out the Hayes Home, as well as the museum. The place was staffed by incredibly friendly and knowledgeable retired folks. We took pictures!
At the tomb.
The carriage entrance to the (gigantic) home.
The most interesting things in the museum were: awesome campaign sheet music, one of Fanny Hayes' luxurious dollhouses, the ice skates the president's older brother Lorenzo was wearing when he fell through the ice on a river and drowned at age ten, and pictures of the very attractive Rutherford P. Hayes (Google is not cooperative right now). Oh, also, the Prez was an Odd Fellow.
Ugly chair of death.
Education is fun!
P.S. I bought a First Ladies coloring book at the gift shop, which I am sure will supply me with many hours of subversive fun!


  1. oh my LORD, the mustachios freaked me out!!!!!!!! what happened to the booze bottles??

  2. Yet a chair made entirely of antlers is weirdly appealing...

  3. i just love your history lessons, love those kicks you have on.

  4. That antler chair is awesome! You need one in grandma's basement. Also, that's rather morbid that they had the dead brother's skates. I think those would creep me out.