Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I saw Barack Obama on my TV

I just caught the end of the joint congressional session speech by President Pretty Face and Pretty Words Obama. That little girl sitting next Michelle Obama that wrote a letter about how crappy her school is made me tear up when the president talked about her. I am sappy. Also, Rahm is sooo Josh Lyman. That is all. BOBBY JINDAL LIVEBLOG!! He has a creepy grin. Happy Mardi Gras, BTW! Come spend your money in the Louisiana economy! Lip service to everyone loving Barack. "Bobby, Americans can do anything," said his Indian father. Bobby Jindal has a candy cane tie! "Let me tell you a story..." Okay, Bobbo! This speech is overly-rehearsed. Fake laughs galore! "The strength of America is NOT found in our government," which is why he works for it. He is strengthless. Flag lapel pin, check! He's a real American. "Instead of monitoring volcanoes, Congress should be monitoring the eruption of spending in Washington." SO. TRUE. Volcanoes are fake and totally non-threatening. Spending is serious business. Isaac: "This guy obviously hasn't seen 'Sicko.'" Louisiana is a "she" and has totally awesome ethics. DANGEROUS ENEMIES STILL SEEK OUR DESTRUCTION. Has he mentioned that Americans can do anything? "We look for hope in different places," like giant corporations and rich white people except for me, a rich (-ish at least) Indian guy. Those Republicans from before are totally not the same Republicans as now. Totally. The American Spirit sounds like an asshole with all his douchey "triumphs." Super fake smile.

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  1. http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/02/25/jindal.volcanoes/index.html

    Go Royce!