Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pluggers Militantly Pro-Flannel, Anti-Political Correctness

Cats?! Who wear unpatterned cotton-poly blends?! There goes the neighborhood. At least this one isn't about drugs or crapping. I checked out the comments section under this panel at Gocomics, and my Irony Comprehenso-Meter was giving me high negative readings for a few submissions, including: "Hi!, Hello!, Howya doin! … Hey!, I think those shirts would fit me. Must be that middle-age thingy. XD" "I think I have both of those shirts." but especially "Pluggers know that all the claptrap about diversity is nonsense." A sincere use of "claptrap," especially in relation to something "liberal," "progressive," or "humane" earns an extra 35 points towards qualifying as a real-life Plugger. Congratulations, "FishStix"! An examination of your commenting records demonstrates an inclination toward unfunny one-panel comics. A true Plugger.

1 comment:

  1. Also happens to demonstrate an affinity for Fish Sti(x)cks, a decidely Pluggeresque food.