Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Energy Drink Discovery: Unbound

Dear friends, While I am busy being a lazy grad student who researches energy drinks and masculinity and consumes energy drinks while doing said research, I have left you to fend for yourselves in the caffeine/taurine/stomach cancer-causing ingredient department. I apologize to the most profuse degree possible. But I have a recommendation for you today! Isaac picked me up and Unbound energy drink from the Big! Lots!, and I must say it is quite delicious and motivating me to blog rather than write my response paper that I have to turn in tonight. But as I just chatted to the I-Man: me: this Unbound "industrial strength" energy drink is actually quite delicious it's kinda mango-y or something without that energy drink chemical edge So, there you go: a review. Now I must try and get some work done so I can not fail out of grad school because getting a real job is not a viable option. Love and caffeine buzzes, The Lauren

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  1. ahem! if you have time to post about energy drinks, you have time to post the limericks I sent you.