Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Limerick Update!

The Julia Swan, my dearest high school friend with limericking skills has submitted some updates. One of our favorite fat presidents and an over-achieving founding father get the poetic treatment: Making up for some lost time, here we go: Taft
Willy Taft was also known as “Big Lub”

His legacy’s being stuck in his tub

But in addition to eating fudge

He went on to Judge

In the most Supreme lawyer club
And this one is more of a rap-limerick: Monroe

Hey, Euro douchebags stay off our hemisphere

Or you’ll be messin’ with Monroe, a man you should fear

‘Cause his Doctrine be statin’

That you best not be hatin’

On any U.S. interventions down South, ya hear?

Hooray! Presidents and rhyming!

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