Monday, March 16, 2009

To the Tune of Vomit

My notorious singing neighbor, Karaoke Jesus, apparently has food poisoning or something. Fierce vomiting has been going on all night. This is especially awkward since her toilet is locating roughly right behind my television, separated only by a cheap wood-paneled wall. Good god, she has to have vomited up all her innards by now! So, a few happier things: -Via my punk rock lawyer friend Alison's Gchat status, an insightful look at health care reform by none other than Dr. Mario (as in Mario Mario and Luigi Mario): Dr. Mario Weighs in on Universal Health Care. Awesome. (McSweeney's) -My boyfriend is in a band, Wards of the Mayor. The have songs on the interwebs that you can listen to! Go! -Just watched Mr. Sardonicus (best movie ever, duh) on the Retro TV Network I get with my fancy new digital converter and antenna. Changed my life. Apparently you can watch the whole thing on the toobz. God I hope she's done throwing up.

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  1. Speaking of tubes, have you heard about the Big Love episode that just aired yesterday?