Monday, March 02, 2009

Updates, Excuses, Energy Drinks, Google

Dear faithful readers and also the faithless ones too, I apologize for my recent negligence as I have actually had shit to do. This shit comes in the form of an academic conference at which I presented an energy drink paper Saturday (who'd a thunk, right?), had to write another paper for today, have my regular work for both of tomorrow's classes, and have to read a book and lead a seminar on it for Wednesday. So obviously, I am blogging right now. Also, I am trying out the latest Rockstar flavor, Punched Energy + Citrus. It kinda tastes like a more delicious Sprite or Mountain Dew and supposedly will give me a good kick, so there ya go. I need it so I can read about U.S.-Middle East relations and 1950s biblical epic films or whatever this book is about and then coordinate with my partner and make a power point. I'm not going to lie, I really do hope I have time for the power point because I not-so-secretly like making them. It's like blogging, but with slightly more bullet points and even more Google image searches. GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH BREAK:
The Egyptians will have to tear that staff from his cold, dead hand, bitches!*
Oh! Speaking of Google! Like, how I'm pretty much a Google-human-energy drink cyborg or whatevs these days, the keynote to our conference was by Siva Vaidhynathan and it was awesome. He read us the intro to his new book (The Googlization of Everything) and showed us pretty slides and made funny jokes and was smart and awesome. He also has really critical and incisive things to say about the Google Book Project. He wonders why the Library of Congress doesn't do this. And of course this is because for the past few decades the Milton Freedmanites of the world have been pushing for the privatization of everything. Bastards. Anyway, I should get on my little ol' way with this PUNCHED drink and epically encounter the Middle East in this book. (Don't worry, we read Orientalism last week, so I know everything I need to know pretty much for everything now.) Spring break starts as soon as I'm done with my shit Wednesday night, so history posts to come. Thrift Store Champion and I also have tentative plans to visit one of the Ohioan presidential historical sites for nerdy museuming and picture-taking. Hooray! Okay, seriously this time, I'm going to read. Love and problematic orientalist discourses, Lauren J. 43%Taurine P.S. Apropos of nothing in particular, I have used my fancy free video-converting software to put my music video on the Toobz. See here. *Got to admit the man can grow a sweet beard.


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    I guess that's what you get for putting a song called "Fuck You" on You Tube.

  2. I've recently joined Twitter. I find that leaving <160 character updates is MUCH easier than posting blog entires, which I haven't done in months. I can update via text message, which is handy when I don't have computer access, and I've made it so that it updates my facebook status as well, so that my non-twitter friends can still enjoy the bounty of my humor. It can get you out of apologizing for a lack of updates is what I'm really saying. Further, I believe there's some sort of widget to post your twitter feed on your blog. It isn't a replacement, but it's like masturbating to get you through the coital dry spells.

  3. I have censored the lyrics in the details, so hopefully the related videos will be one level lower in obscenity.

  4. I assume your energy drink paper had something on Powerthirst. You'll win at EVERYTHING FOREVER!