Monday, May 18, 2009

Quote o' the Day: Goddamn Liberals Edition

This weekend, I had one of the most harrowing experiences of my life: I had NO INTERNET all weekend. By which I mean the free wireless provided by my landlord was experiencing a weekend-long OUTAGE because of "updates." I had to LEAVE MY HOUSE and walk or ride my bike the one or so miles to campus to check my email. Good god. Anyway, it's been horrific. Now I know what living in the Global South must feel like. Anyhow, at worky work now and slacking a bit (shock). Saw funny funniness from the Jesse Taylor on the webz:
Were you aware that not-so-secret Kenyan Muslim Barack Hussein Obama is also the evilest man alive?

I will bet you were not, because you were too busy tracking down a good source for organic tofu and gangbang pornography for your alternative Fourth of July, which will be held on the graves of American soldiers. Naked. Being a liberal is so awesome.

Hachacha. Go for to read what President Barry is doing to destroy America today in full: That This Is Completely Unverified Only Adds To Its Credibility(Pandagon)

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