Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That's Pretty Adorbs*

The I-Man's mother is apparently a huge Civil War nerd and owns many beautiful movies, etc. The I-Man brought to me recently a fabulous miniseries we watched in the sixth grade with the class next door (Remember, Anne?) The Blue and the Gray. Much crushing went on towards the main character, John Geyser. Crushing is still intact, confirmed by this week's re-viewing. See fabulous clip: I have been training for one of my new jobs this week with the reading of spectrograms that bring me back to my linguistics undergraduate days and whatnot. And also, it pays decent money for a summer campus job. I start in the pop culture library next week and I am excited to get reacquainted with the Library of Congress. AWESOME. Working on season 5 of Gilmore Girls. Better than I remember. Maybe it helps to watch them all in quick succession. Just watched Rachel Getting Married, which was slightly painful in glorious dramatic awkwardness. Anne Hathaway was great. Problematic cultural appropriation in the wedding ceremony/throughout. As much as I would love a world where a WASPY lady and a black musician man could get married with Indian aesthetics and reggae/classical/whatever music and not have to address complications--we don't. There are complex issues of power, colonial legacy, racial tensions, etc. Have I mentioned that I went to Macalester? *Dodai at Jezebel covets the Delia's catalog clothes like I once did (I am too poor to even covet them now) and either invents or writes down for the first time I've seen a shortened version of adorable: ADORBS. Obvs. Also, totes.

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  1. I totally watched The Blue and the Gray in 5th grade and remember being distraught that we never finished it. Also, spectograms= remember how we both majored in similar, but different things?