Saturday, June 20, 2009

Garfield Extravanza Part 1: Audio/Visual Edition

So I finally finished my James A. Garfield vlog after having visited the national historic site and whatnot, like a few weeks ago. So hooray! Notes on the music: Some awesome French dude is blogging on the seminal Anthology of American Folk Music and conveniently gathered a bunch of versions of the "Charles Guiteau" song that you can download at The Old, Weird America. My favorite has to be the rockin' cover I used over the credits by random Dutch musician Meindert Talma and his totally unproblematically-named backup band, The Negroes. I couldn't find an mp3 of it, but you should watch this fine performance by Johnny Cash of "Mr. Garfield": I am so grateful that other people in this world love to take the mythology of our American Preznits and make pretty songs and blogs and pictures and whatnot. Hooray for historical nerdery!


  1. So, I just took an undeserved break from working on this paper, and finally watched the video. I didn't really know anything about JAG, so that was informative. That double writing trick would have been fun at parties.

    P.S. Love the banter with Isaac! I cracked up at "bookended...with dead babies".