Friday, July 24, 2009

Exotic Vacation: Upper Midwest Edition

Hellooo friends, Guess who is going on vacation for, like, eight whole days. Can you guess? It's me! And Isaac! Hooray! And we are going to the magical college friend-filled land of Minnesota where I will have what will surely be a lovely but short reunion with my WIG Anne, who might become Canadian or something, as she rushes off to her next European adventure. Also, copious drinking and eating and cavorting that I can't really afford will occur and also HARRY POTTER 3D IMAX AWESOME. Then we will head up to the Perpetual Roommate's grandparents' abode in Wisconsin to drink in the sun on the lake, the sleazy rural bars, and all the classiness that Wisconsin generally has to offer. We are leaving tomorrow. Huzzah! I am not sure if I will blogging, as it is vacation and I don't want to make any solid plans besides making sure I drink at all my favorite places while I'm in town. My dear, kind Pal N has agreed to let us stay at her place in Minneapolis while she's out of town in exchange for not killing her cats. I'm bringing lots of sudafed and benedryl. But we should have the webernets there, so I'll probably at least check in during that first part of the week. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know, dear readers, what the what was. I'm going to try and work for home for a bit, and then my dear friend Emily of Obamanagrams fame will be here for one crazy night only. Fun is fun, isn't it? Love and cheap, region-specific liquors of odd coloring and taste, Lauren

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