Monday, August 10, 2009

This blog was really lacking posts about rape

Men never victimize women who carry weapon-y things! Oh, wait.
Remember a while back when I published that terrible email from Ye Olde University's police department about how some girl got raped, so everybody should try not to get raped by meeting new people, talking to them, or generally being alive? Amanda Hess over at The Sexist apparently received some sort of chain email that draws from supposed interviews with convicted rapists about how women can avoid being raped. Here's a hint: It does not contain the tip "Stay away from me. I'm the one who'll be wearing the 'RAPIST' t-shirt." (Rape Prevention Tips From Rapists: Stay Inside Or Die A Horrible Death ) Highlight of Amanda's awesome response: "You know the old saying: better off carrying a useless decorative cane than sorry." It's so true! Amanda effectively breaks down why these recommendations are such bullshit: they put all the onus on the ladies, trying to convince us that no matter what we do, we're wrong and are pretty much just asking to get raped. Which is, like, double bullshit because though we all already know to carry our keys sticking out between our fingers and to park under street lamps and not to talk to repulsive Axe-wearing dudebros, sometimes we still get raped! Usually by people we know, who aren't necessarily looking for a grocery store parking lot victim with an easily-grabbable ponytail! Actually they are often usually our friends, family members, or boyfriends! That is why people call it "date" or "acquaintance" or "marital" rape. But whatever. Nope, we should only teach women to "watch out" for bush-hiding strangers, to live in fear, and not, like, teach men to not be rapists for godssakes. But Lauren, you might say if you were an asshole, like, dudez are totally evolutionarily set up to be rapists sexually aggressive. Haven't you seen an Arby's/beer/car/power tools/name that thing marketed to guys commercial? They can't help it! And anyway, it's not like they're RAPISTS or something if they coerce you into sex or get you so drunk you don't know what's going on! Haha, RAPISTS are registered sex offenders who carry guns and knives and also are really good at hiding in the backseats of cars. If the dudes you KNOW and might voluntarily hang out with or invite into your apartment are rapists, too, how can we convince you that there's a set of rules that will keep you from being assaulted? Pay no attention to the patriarchy behind the curtain, ladies. AND WATCH OUT FOR BIZARRE FAKE BABY SCHEMES. (Seriously, go read the whole thing. It's horrible/awesome.) And anyway, if you're not going to get serious about carrying that deadly decorative cane with you everywhere, then all those convicted rapists are just going to assume that you wanted it.

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