Friday, August 07, 2009

Dear Mr. President but also the Congress:

Hello? Mr. Barack Obama? Messrs. and Mmes. of the House and the Senate? Could I talk to you guys for a minute? So, I was wondering about this "health care" thing you've been working on. See, the thing is, one day I will no longer be a grad student but may not be able to find a job that provides benefits and right now my teeth are rotting from all the energy drinks and I don't have dental coverage and also my boyfriend had to pay with some money he didn't have for some sort of testing that should totes be covered but isn't because student health insurance is crappy AND expensive and I hope to avoid ever having to go to the emergency room for routine (or emergency, obvs) care that I will have to pay for out of pocket and also I don't hate poor people and am also kind of poor, so could you just give us a public option and stop all this pussyfooting* and palling around with your boyfriends in the "health" "care" lobby? Those people are bastards who want to rip us off and you guys need to figure out a new way to fund your campaigns. So, as my pal Julia would say: "Either do it, or don't do it.... But do it." Love and universal coverage because socialism is actually kind of awesome and I know because I went to Scandinavia last summer, Lauren C. For personal documentation, see here. *What is that even supposed to mean? Is it about cats? I'm pretty sure it's misogynist, but whatevs. UPDATE: I consulted the Canadians (who also know a thing or two about health care and also not shooting each other):
pussyfootintransitive verb 1. move stealthily or warily. 2. act cautiously or noncommittally.
I guess because pussycats are so stealthy and good at avoiding doing shit... like the Congress!

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