Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wikipedia failed me, so now you get Pluggers

Can you believe I thought of a controversial American historical figure to write a post about, and the 'Pedia let me down with a completely inadequate entry? PSHAW, people. I was required to shake off my hangover and go get three books from the library to research him instead. Though perhaps for the next few days I should really read the two books and write the paper for class Monday, continue working on PhD applications, and work in some thesis reading if I've got spare time. And/or watch a bunch of Buffy episodes with Isaac because the Pop Culture Library has the complete series and we busted through season one in three nights. Anyhow, in the meantime, until I get to my nerdy self-assigned research project, here is some Pluggers: Two possible explanations here: 1. Baby Pluggers (shudder) don't know what alligators are because the global warming their grandparents don't believe in has caused the sea levels to rise and completely wipe out their natural habitats in Florida. OR 2. The kid suspects his grandfather of smuggling something large and conspicuous under his be-alligatored shirt. Also: WTF lack of question mark, Gary Brookins? Do Lil' Pluggers not understand how voice inflection helps convey meaning? Answer me, goddammit!

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