Monday, November 02, 2009

Lauren tells Ohioans how to vote

Hello, fellow Wood County, Ohio residents! I have decided to go ahead and fulfill my civic duty and vote on the various state and local measures on the ballot tomorrow. I look at the various issues and tell you how should vote.

State Issues
STATE ISSUE 1: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Authorize the State to Issue Bonds to Provide Compensation to Veterans of the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq Conflicts. HOW TO VOTE: Yes. Duh. Veterans should get monies. What with having to fight in stupid wars all the time and whatnot.

STATE ISSUE 2: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to Establish and Implement Standards of Care for Livestock and Poultry. HOW TO VOTE: No. I don't really know much about it, but something that's supposedly meant to help animals, but is opposed by the Humane Society probably has some issues. Just say no.

STATE ISSUE 3: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Amend the Constitution to Allow for One Casino Each In Cincinnati, Cleveland,Columbus, and Toledo and Distribute to All Ohio Counties A Tax on the Casinos. HOW TO VOTE: Yes. Casinos are awesome. Also, the incredulous cops and former Secretaries of the Treasury in the pro-Issue 3 commercials are awesome. Though the anti- "The devil is in the details" one is pretty awesome too. No matter. UPDATE: Mind changed. Voting no. Just remembered how the fine city of Toledo and interstate highway-heavy northern Ohio in general is super conducive to human trafficking. I'm not sure throwing casinos into the mix would be a step in the right direction. Also, I've decided to support only Indian-owned gaming centers, because it's the least we could fucking do for them, amirite?

Local issues:
CANDIDATES BOWLING GREEN CITY COUNCIL: 1ST WARD COUNCIL Mark Hollenbaugh (R) Jacob H. Redfern (D) Apparently Jacob Redfern is the dude who woke me up one morning recently, pacing past my back window, discussing local politics on the phone for like 45 minutes. I wanted to yell at him, but I was too lazy to sit up in bed and open the window. But I guess I'll vote for a Democrat who lives in my building anyway.

CANDIDATES FOR BOWLING GREEN SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD: Bruce Jeffers Eric Myers Ellen Scholl I have chosen Ellen Scholl. First of all, her last name is similar to "school," also she has kids in school and even knows about "sexting." Also, she is a lady and has a music degree, both of which I support. Ladiness and music.

OFFICIAL QUESTIONS AND ISSUES BALLOT WOOD CTY (BOWLING GREEN): Bowling Green Proposed Income Tax Yes. I love taxes. Especially since I will probably have to pay about $.50 next year. Tragically it is not a school levy, but city functioning costs will have to do for this socialization-hungry menace (me). Info obtained from the local League of Women Voters.

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