Saturday, November 07, 2009

Blog business

Dear readers, There is a day in every sporadic blogger's life when she checks her email to find comments upon very old posts and goes, "Oooh," but then they are links for women's viagra and/or in Russian. It has become apparent to me that the spambots have found my blog. So, to my two or three friends who sometimes comment, now you have to type in one of those secret word thingies when you comment. I know: HARD, but would you rather I continue to get fake comments that just disappoint my soul and are sometimes creepy? So suck it. Here's some Pluggers to make us all feel better about our lives: Pluggers are so broke, they're going to try and bring back a barter economy! "I know it is only 79 cents for that ridiculous/sad "crispy potato"/ranch dressing taco,* but will you take a paper clip necklace made my granddaughter? They are different colors!" Haha. Poverty, amirite? Also, they are tragically beverage-less. *Not worth a try. Trust me. Yuck.

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