Thursday, November 12, 2009

Women's "Health" AGAIN

Dear House of "Representatives": Hey, way to go on that Stupak shit! Heaven forbid we act as if uterus-bearing bodies need medical care. I mean, different kinds than boys. Icky stuff like that is only for special interests. And ladies should have to pay for that shit themselves. Especially what with women having all that total economic equality and whatnot. Insurance companies can't possibly be asked to cover lady procedures. Especially not for slutty slutty slut women who have S-E-X. Besides, I know all y'all congresspersons are too busy struggling with the concept of "majority" and trying to be all, like, REVOLUTIONARY in your "reform" bill-passing. Concessions take a lot of energy, AMIRITE? Anyway, girls are gross and conservatives are intimidating and LIFE TAKES COMPROMISE. Besides, it's not like the Democrats need women to get elected or anything. Love, Lauren "I hope Planned Parenthood takes food stamps!" Chesnut Hey, remember this?
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