Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A conspiracy in the works

Why is my student health insurance (through Aetna, who by the way, once claimed on a statement that the student health insurance that I buy through the school and am required by the school to have doesn't cover visits to the student health center, you know, on campus, but I digress) charging me $23 for a seasonal flu shot I got a couple of months ago when I was able to get an H1N1 vaccine for free last week? Also, why did the regular flu shot make me feel ill for 12 hours and like I got punched in the arm, while the H1N1 shot just itched a little bit the next day? When I find out whichever government agency is harvesting my genetic tissue for nefarious biological weapons research, they'd better not have charged me for it. Assholes. I can has move to Canada now, plz?

1 comment:

  1. I just got chicken pox vaccine shot #2 on Friday since apparently one at age 8 wasn't enough. I got a fever that night, followed by a really itchy rash on my arm. LAME. At least I'm "in compliance" now.