Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I, by the way, still exist. I am in joyous vacation/not really vacation mode because I need to be reading about 1200 books recommended by my thesis committee (proposal accepted, topic form submitted to grad college, woot!) and a couple PhD apps to finish up. But whatevs. I am going home later on this week for the Christmas. I plan on watching much TV and TV on DVD with the sister on the couch in the parents' basement until Isaac comes to town, after which he will join us on the couch (with a short break inserted for New Year(')s in Seattle). It is a very large couch. Much nicer than anything my parents owned while I actually lived at home, of course. Perhaps I will blog, perhaps I will continue in laziness. But I still exist. Oh, and I can link to some things. Amanda Marcotte talks about douches being douchey to service employees. THESE PEOPLE HAVE SHITTY JOBS, GOOD GOD GIVE THEM A BREAK. Two summers working at a grocery store were QUITE enough to make me work hard to never have to serve the public again. People are assholes just because they can be. Upwards of $7.00 is not enough to deal with your bullshit. I'm talking to you, lettuce-complaining lady with her young son at 11:30 p.m. one weeknight at Safeway in Helena, MT in summer 2005. I AM BUT A LOWLY CASHIER WHO WANTS TO GO HOME AND GET DRUNK, IT IS NOT MY FAULT THAT OUR PRODUCE IS NOT TIP-TOP LATE AT NIGHT, BUT NO ONE WHO WORKS IN THAT DEPARTMENT IS HERE RIGHT NOW AND I DON'T CARE IF WAL-MART IS CHEAPER. I HATE YOU. I HATE MY JOB. I HATE MY JOB MOSTLY BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Also, your child is learning that it's okay to treat service employees like shit. You're lucky I forgot your name immediately, or I would have so started harassing you in retaliation. Anyway, I'm still bitter about that one. But, go look: Let's just take it all out on the powerless! (Pandagon). And for laughs: Not Always Right, funny & stupid customer quotes. Service employees are doing us all favors all the time for crap pay, so let's behave gratefully and give them the benefit of the doubt when they're having a bad day because other people treat them like shit.

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