Thursday, February 18, 2010

A really gay post

So, that fount of all important human knowledge (besides Wikipedia, DUH), the Huffington Post, has informed me of a recent interview in that outlet for hard-hitting progressive journalism, Parade, in which Elton John talks about the Sexy Gay Jesus. I mean, mostly it's like, "Blah blah blah personal relationships" but he also totes outs Jesus! Not that WE needed him to do it. Disappointing lack of focus on the sexier aspects of the Sexy Gay Jesus, but still, PREACH IT, ELTON! I mean, Our Fabulous Lord can't be everybody's Imaginary Gay Best Friend, but he can and should definitely be more people's Deity of Choice. Speaking of GAY, in an early installment of my sister's blog series on her 100 favorite songs, she posted the official video for Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." I have been playing it nonstop, annoying my neighbors with my attempts to memorize the lyrics for future karaoke stardom, and dancing around my apartment. I mentioned when I posted the video on Facebook that Freddie Mercury is dressed like Grease's Danny Zuko here, and it's really doing it for me. Never found him sexy before, but now I can't stop looking at him. Must be the pants--their tightness appeals to my inner laziness, as they do not require me to use really any imagination. Anyway, I consulted the 'Pedia and found out that not only was he Indian (apparently his light skin made me assume he was just another skinny white Brit with bad teeth and tight pants from the '70s),but he was born in ZANZIBAR and his family is Zoroastrian. Sadly, he died of AIDS in 1991, and it kind of sucks when you just start caring about someone who died a long time ago, and then get sad about it because you didn't even know enough to care at the time. It is true, eight year-old me was probably mostly unaware of Freddie Mercury's awesomeness, and I am embarrassed that I just now started to care. Anyhow, that is the stuff I have to say, now dance about your house to this:

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